Savvas Pottery Videos - Virtual Tour

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Sunday, 02 January 2011 15:06

At Savvas Pottery we design and make our pottery under very strict quality control using high quality clays and colours we make ourselves. Our ceramists are highly qualified and work always having in mind the Cypriot tradition using the most modern techniques in order to assure the best quality in ceramics. 

Colours and designs born from tradition and evolved in time to cover a the most wide range of items for both everyday use and decorative purposes. We are able to offer you custom made pieces ans well as unique pieces that will complete your living room or kitchen giving your personal touch. Items fro all budgets. Items for that special occasion, weddings, anniversaries, celebrations and all types of occasions.

We will be very happy to show you our workshop, the videos below are only a small part of the world of ceramic art.


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