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Please read carefully:

1. Possible drawbacks for handmade items: As our pots are being thrown and painted by hand it is impossible that they can be exactly the same. They might have slight differences in the design or in the colour shade. This is what actually the beauty of handmade ceramic work is. We cannot avoid this small drawback as the same series item can be designed by different designers. Of course we are doing our best so that pots of the same shape & design look very much the same.

2. Purchasing online: Your order will leave the workshop  within 6 (six) working days. Our company is not responsible for any further delays after it is have been taken away by the Cypriot Data Post service. We use Data Post Service from Cyprus Post office since we considerate it the most effective. 

3. Breakage and replacement conditions for Series Items: The company will replace any series item that has been damaged during  transport within 3(three) days after the item has been delivered to its destination. In order to replace it any item it is absolutely necessary to prove its breakage with a dated digital photo sent to us by email in those 3 (three) days after its delivery. The new item will be sent to its destination within 6 (six) working days after the acknowledgement of the breakage. Savvas Pottery has no responsibility for any transport delays.  This term is subject to availability of the broken series item. In case the item is not available we can either replace it with a similar of a different series (same value) or produce a new one as soon as possible. The producing time will never be more than 2 months. 

4. Breakage and replacement conditions for Unique Items: Custom made items will be replaced following the above mentioned terms regarding acknowledgment time and acknowledgment method. In this case the broken unique item(s) will not leave the workshop in less than 2 months after we have been advice about the breakage. The design of the new item may vary slightly from the original. 

5. Transport Advice: Please note that the first 5 (five) kilograms are the most expensive (E.g for European Union the cost is about 10 Euros per kilo). Any kilo after the first 5 the price per kilo has almost a 50% decrease (European Union 4.5 euros per kilo), therefore we would advise you to place a bigger order so as you gain value for money.

6. Delivery Arrangement.

Cyprus: for Cyprus we deliver with Akis Expres Courier with who we have an agreement.

Overseas: Overseas deliveries are made using Cyprus Post Data Post Services. The delivery of the products are guaranteed by the international  post agreements.


We accept payments only with PayPal and are subject to PayPal Terms and conditions that you will need to agree to when you enter the PayPal Environment during payment process

 All the transactions that take place on this web site are under the legislation of the Republic of Cyprus.


Savvas Pottery (Paphos) LTD

Savvas Pottery (Paphos) LTD has been founded in 1981 and its registered in the Registrar of Companies in Cyprus with company registry number HE-16921. The company is operating under the Cypriot law and it is registered in the Cypriot VAT office with VAT number 10016921-G

Please feel free to contact us in case you need any further information and/ or clarifications

Savvas Pottery Online shop is a secure shopping site. We offer to our customers both series and custom made ceramic pottery items for decorative and everyday use. Our products are all handmade in our workshop in Pafos - Cyprus

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