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Savvas Pottery (Paphos) LTD has been founded in 1981 and its registered in the Registrar of Companies in Cyprus with company registry number HE-16921. The company is operating under the Cypriot law and it is registered in the Cypriot VAT office with VAT number 10016921-G

Please feel free to contact us in case you need any further information and/ or clarifications

Savvas Pottery Online shop is a secure shopping site. We offer to our customers both series and custom made ceramic pottery items for decorative and everyday use. Our products are all handmade in our workshop in Pafos - Cyprus


One of a kind Decorative Items

One of a kind Decorative Items (110)

Lampousa Series

Lampousa Series (20)

Dolphin Design

Dolphin Design (40)

Olive Design

Olive Design (48)

Cyclamens Design

Cyclamens Design (38)

Camelia Blue Design

Camelia Blue Design (19)

Grapes Design

Grapes Design (26)

Lemons Design

Lemons Design (19)

Paradise Bird Design

Paradise Bird Design (39)

SPECIAL OFFERS (One of a kind items)

SPECIAL OFFERS (One of a kind items) (4)

Copies from Cyprus Museum

Copies from Cyprus Museum (7)

Ceramic Butterflies

Ceramic Butterflies (0)