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Display of Decorative Butterflies - Savvas Pottery

Savvas pottery is one of the oldest and most renowned potteries on the island of Cyprus.

It is the only pottery on the island that develops its own colours and glazes.

For kitchenware, we only use lead-free glazes. Currently, Savvas Pottery has an annual output of 120 tons.

Since all our work is glazed, only the uppermost layer, the glaze, needs to be tested. All our glazes are tested for lead solubility at the Institute of Ceramics in Hoehr-Grenzhausen, Germany. It is also worth mentioning that all our pots can be used within microwave ovens, gas ovens and dishwashers.

Mr Savvas, the founder of Savvas Pottery, did not learn his profession from his father but rather in another pottery. Although he was a very good student, he was obliged to leave school at an early stage in order to make a living. After trying his hand at various jobs, his discovered pottery and soon developed a passion for it. For fifteen years he worked in KERAMEYS pottery, west of Kyrenia.

There he began as a labourer, devoting almost all his free time, to throwing on the potter's wheel , every day of the week. Before long, Mr Savvas made a name for himself as one of the best potters in Cyprus, until he retired in 1991.

In 1974, the Turkish invasion brought everything to a halt.

Two years later, Savvas Pottery relocated to Paphos and resumed production under the name of SAVVAS POTTERY (PAPHOS) LTD. Between 1976 and 1985 only the locally available red firing clays were used. In order to be able to apply a range of vivid colours, the pots had to be covered with a white coating which contained a mixture of different white firing clays.

To upgrade the quality of its production, Savvas Pottery decided to start importing various raw materials from Europe. These includ the white firing clays from Spain, which cannot be found anywhere in Cyprus, and red fir ing clay from Germany, both earthenware bodies of 12% porosity. The materials for the development of special colours and glazes come from all over Europe.

By 1986, the standard of production had been significantly raised to match European standards and specifications.

Meanwhile, Panikos Georgiades, one of Mr Savvas sons, was studying Ceramic Engineering in West Germany. In 1986, Panikos took over the technical side of the business and developed his own colours and glazes and led the pottery production in Cyprus into a new era.

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